Cloud Integration

Connect your applications, systems and information repositories with cloud-based systems

The Challenge of Cloud Migration

Integration of Information and Systems in Real Time

On the path of the transformation of large information repositories and legacy systems towards the cloud, you will find complex challenges associated with the need to migrate information avoiding performance issues, information leaks, and the complexity of managing hybrid environments.

Large volumes of data, multiple sources and formats, process automation, and poor data quality are some of these challenges.

Our Solution

Systems and Data Integration

Our solution allows you to send or replicate large volumes of data in real-time, with quality control, processing and segmentation functions, and automation processes.

  1. Data Collection: collect data in real-time and in batch processes, from different systems
  2. Data Preparation: verify the consistency of the data, detecting and processing errors, and prepare and adapt the data for processing
  3. Data Processing: consolidate and correlate data from different sources, and bind the data with enrichment information
  4. Data Segmentation: classify, categorize, and segment data according to business rules and logic
  5. Synchronization: enable the resulting data in the necessary formats and media, and synchronize it with the target systems


Bring Greater Agility and Flexibility to Your Organization

We help you solve challenges such as data quality control and security, handling large volumes, incompatibility between systems, manual integration processes, and the high costs of maintaining multiple platforms.


Faster implementation of new systems, with less impact on critical business processes


Information available beyond the location of each person, ensuring the flow of information and preventing data silos


Rapid adoption of new functionalities, and the ability to focus on developing new capabilities, such as ML and AI


Data replication in the cloud, with various levels of protection and security, and the opportunity to implement DRPs


IT infrastructure acquisition and operation costs reduction, and greater efficiency in the management and use of resources on demand

Information Quality

Automation of information management processes, ensuring the accuracy and veracity of the resulting information

Use Cases

Our Most Recent Projects

These are some of the most relevant projects we have carried out in recent times

Performance Management

A single platform that unifies the collection of data from the different technological domains, providing a single horizontal layer of information for the different OSS

Reports Generation

Capture the information directly from the data sources, performing aggregations, summarizations, and applying business logic to make the analysis of the resulting information more efficient.

CDR Converter

Reengineering of the architecture for processing consumption records from network elements, in order to deliver information in real time to Big Data technologies.