Real Time Smart Data

Turn your data into accurate, secure and reliable information, and get a complete view of your business

The challenge of Real Time Data Processing

Obtain Accurate, Complete and Up-to-date Information

Currently, the way customers and organizations interact has changed dramatically. Customers interact with organizations through multiple channels – most of them digital – and in all of them they want to see all the information they need to take their decisions in a quick and independent manner.

In addition, organizations need updated and accurate information about their customers, in order to provide the best experience in the use of their products and services.

Our Solution

We Transform Your Data Into Usable Information

Through our information processing solution, we help you obtain accurate information, in real time, and distribute it in an integral way to your communication channels and systems, making it accessible where and when it is needed.

Decision Making

Analysis of key business information through real-time workflows, speeding up and optimizing business decisions


Monitoring the use of key business and organizational assets, and optimizing operational strategies

Risk Mitigation

Identification and reduction of possible risks, through advanced processing functions


Automation of business and operational processes, through information management between the BSS and OSS systems


Obtaining reports and calculating KPI's automatically, minimizing human error and freeing up organization resources


Data consolidation, correlation, cleaning and enrichment, in order to be used in applications such as data science

Use Cases

Our Most Recent Projects

These are some of the most relevant projects we have carried out in recent times

Performance Management

A single platform that unifies the collection of data from the different technological domains, providing a single horizontal layer of information for the different OSS

Reports Generation

Capture the information directly from the data sources, performing aggregations, summarizations, and applying business logic to make the analysis of the resulting information more efficient.

CDR Converter

Reengineering of the architecture for processing consumption records from network elements, in order to deliver information in real time to Big Data technologies.