Business Requirements

Information Processing Optimization

Generate and supply, timely and appropriately, reports based on the billing system, for the various internal and external clients of the organization.


  • Large volumes of data (75M subscribers)
  • Delays in report generation and in their subsequent presentation to public entities
  • Lack of direct storage to host the data of generated reports
  • Low efficiency due to batch processing, with manual loading and without data normalization
  • Fixed infrastructure without scalability


  • Automate the entire process
  • Improve performance, generating reports in real-time
  • Store historically processed information, for the generation of historical reports
  • Implement a scalable architecture


Real-Time Information Analysis

Capture information directly from the sources, performing aggregations, summarizations, and applying business logics to make the analysis of the resulting information more efficient.

Key Features

  • BSS file collection via SFTP
  • Report generation using secure in-memory sessions for data aggregation
  • Filtering, normalizing, and aggregating information to reduce the volume of information to be stored
  • Daily preprocessing vs billing cycle, and daily and/or monthly parallel processing


Eliminate inefficiencies and errors from the process derived from manual data loading, and execute the processing logic more quickly and controlled through secure in-memory sessions and in real-time.

  • Real-time report generation, as soon as BSS export data is available
  • Automation of the report generation process, reducing human error and freeing up resources
  • Implementation of a scalable architecture
  • Data storage of historical data containing only strictly necessary information, reducing the volume of information to be stored
  • Database replication for information safeguard
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