Advanced Data Management


Operational Intelligence and Business Intelligence

Base your decisions on a comprehensive vision of your business, supported by precise, secure, and reliable information.


The Challenge

Data Analysis and Visualization

Data analysis and visualization solutions face challenges like large data volumes with low performance, compromised data quality, information silos, and often inaccessible data, along with a growing demand for operational and business decision-making data.


Our Solution

Our platform provides advanced solutions for analyzing and processing large volumes of information, featuring data collection from various systems, data preparation, data processing, data analysis, and information distribution and visualization.


Benefits of Our Solution

Use cases

Featured Implementations

These are some of the most significant examples of use cases that we have implemented recently.


Cloud Integration

Transforming migration challenges into seamless solutions, we integrate, protect and optimize your data in the cloud.



Migrate to the Cloud Fluently

Migrating large data repositories and legacy systems to the cloud involves significant challenges such as performance issues, data leakage risks, and managing hybrid environments.

Our Solution

We provide a robust solution for real-time data transmission or replication, with quality control, processing, segmentation functions, and automation processes.

Benefits of our Solution


Expert Professional Services in DigitalRoute Solutions


The Challenge

Post-implementation Operation

In the evolving business landscape, efficient operation management and adapting to changing demands are key to sustainable growth. Integrating and optimizing complex solutions like those provided by DigitalRoute can be challenging.

Our Solution

As a certified DigitalRoute partner, DigitalCala offers a full range of professional services designed to address the specific challenges that arise when implementing and optimizing DigitalRoute solutions:

Implementation and Optimization Services

Efficient Implementation

Our highly trained experts facilitate the successful implementation of DigitalRoute solutions in your business environment. We work to ensure a seamless integration that meets your needs and requirements.

Optimization of processes

As your business evolves, constant optimization of your DigitalRoute solution becomes crucial. Our services focus on analyzing and adjusting your processes to ensure optimal performance and efficient use of these solutions.

Continuous Monitoring and Support Services

Monitoring and Health of the Platform

We implement schemes for real-time monitoring and performance analysis of your implementation. This allows you to make the right decisions and maintain absolute control over your processes.

Expert Level Support

Our dedicated support services give you access to experts in DigitalRoute solutions. We are here to respond quickly to any problems or questions you may have, ensuring an optimal experience.

Adaptation and Expansion Services

Analysis and Planning

We anticipate the challenges and opportunities that arise when expanding or adapting your DigitalRoute solutions. We work together with your team of professionals to create effective strategies that allow you to grow constantly.

Advice on Definition and Implementation

Our experts guide you through the definition and implementation of new functionality. This ensures a successful adoption and smooth adaptation.

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