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Network Smart CAPEX

Artificial intelligence to optimize the deployment of telecommunications networks, achieving a balance between financial performance and user experience, while significantly reducing CAPEX and OPEX.
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The challenge

Companies face challenges in integrating complex systems, efficiently managing business processes, and meeting changing market demands.

Our Solution

This approach allows companies to identify key areas for investment in technologies like 5G, 4G, UBB, or FTTH, optimizing CAPEX allocation while maintaining user network experience.

Benefits of out solutions

Core Network y Roaming

Silent Roamers

The solution addresses the challenge faced by mobile operators of encouraging "silent roamers" to utilize more services while traveling and simplifying connectivity for individuals and businesses to their contacts in their home country. It also allows users to stay connected abroad through WiFi when mobile coverage is unavailable.

The process of the solution involves identifying the "Silent Roamers," sending them an SMS link to download an application, downloading and subscribing to the application using WiFi, obtaining a local number in the visited country through the application, acquiring an eSIM with an optional data package, and finally, making or receiving calls and messages through the application and eSIM to generate roaming revenue.

By doing so, this solution boosts roaming revenue for operators and provides users with a more satisfying and cost-effective roaming experience


Core Network y Roaming

SMSC Platform

Our SMSC solution enables operators to handle their SMS traffic effectively and maximize the revenue while increasing subscriber loyalty. It is fully scalable, software-based, cloud ready solution which enable simple and cost-effective deployment. With the modular architecture, additional services such as mobile advertising, SMS filtering (firewall) can be implemented seamlessly and easily.



Core Network y Roaming

USSD Gateway

Our USSD Solution enables Mobile Operators to provide a World Class user experience to their subscriber base. The solution brings faster messaging to your customers by creating a single, real-time session between the handset and the USSD Solution. Furthermore, the solution has an inbuilt Advanced Service Creation Environment which accelerates the creation and delivery of USSD services.


Core Network y Roaming

Intelligent USSD Agent

Intelligent USSD solution enables operators to offer USSD based services in a smart and an intelligent way. This solution acts as a virtual agent between the subscriber and the USSD platform, bringing convenience and efficiency to the overall experience.

The subscriber simply required to dial a single short code and apart from the custom USSD menu, subscriber will be prompted a search bar where he or she can enter a keyword for the desired service.

Core Network y Roaming

SMS Firewall & Monetization

Our SMS Firewall solution enable operators to proactively monitor and filter fraudulent messages from coming in to their network. Furthermore, the solution helps to improve messaging monetization by identifying and blocking grey routes, reducing spam or malicious content and reducing fraudulent traffic. The SMS Firewall Solution can help Mobile Operators to manage their messaging ecosystem and provide Cost Efficiency, Optimized Network Infrastructure whilst assuring Revenue.



Core Network y Roaming

Fraud Call Filtering

Our robust and industry proven Fraud Call Filtering Solution, experts in mitigating the loss of revenue from illegal call termination. The system is designed with multi-model and multi-level screening capabilities which helps to filter any fraudulent calls from transmitting to your network. The ability to conduct real time blocking and statistically evaluate the CDRs, would enable MNOs to eliminate the illegal termination. The system is enhanced with comprehensive inbuilt filtering mechanism that is specifically optimized for telecom fraudulent call management.



Core Network y Roaming

Welcome Roamer

The Welcome Roamer Solution enables operators to build and manage relationships with inbound and outbound roamers effectively and conveniently. It further enables them to detect inbound and outbound roamers in real time and send critical information as required.


Core Network y Roaming

Steering of Roaming

It is a solution for mobile operators that optimizes roaming traffic using advanced algorithms, thus enhancing the service quality. When a user is in roaming, their device connects to a network in the visited area. This solution enables the traffic to be directed towards specific networks based on commercial agreements, quality, and costs.

The main objective is to improve the user experience while reducing costs for the operator by steering traffic towards preferred networks and minimizing expenses on non-preferred ones. Roaming Steering also provides the ability to efficiently monitor and adjust real-time traffic to ensure optimal performance.


Core Network y Roaming

Steering Analytics

The solution gathers network and user data, such as location, data usage, and call records, and analyzes them to identify patterns and trends. With this valuable information, operators can make informed decisions on how to optimize their roaming service.

Moreover, the solution employs algorithms to optimize roaming traffic and enhance the service quality for users. For instance, it can pinpoint suboptimal traffic routes and redirect them through more efficient paths. Additionally, it can automatically adjust network settings to ensure an optimal user experience.

Roaming Analytics/Steering Optimization also provides tracking and monitoring tools to ensure seamless implementation of changes. Operators can observe in real-time how their roaming networks are being utilized and take immediate actions if necessary. Furthermore, the solution is highly scalable, capable of handling large volumes of data without compromising performance or service quality

Core Network y Roaming

Roaming Billing

Roaming Billing performs the complete validation and handling of TAP files, collecting them from roaming partners and clearing houses for TAP IN, and from Mediation for TAPOUT, pricing, repricing, and the generation of RAP files.



Core Network y Roaming

GTP Proxy

An intermediary in mobile networks that enhances security and traffic management, especially in international roaming, by performing functions such as filtering and optimization.


Core Network y Roaming

Roaming Customer Experience Intelligence

Nuestra plataforma de Inteligencia de Experiencia de Cliente en Roaming es una solución innovadora que permite a los operadores móviles analizar de manera integral todos sus procesos de datos y presentarlos en un tablero efectivo que muestra varios tipos de registros de datos procesados a través de las aplicaciones de Telecomunicaciones del proveedor, especialmente productos DigitalCALA que agregan valor. Esto ayudará a los proveedores de servicios a obtener visualizaciones de datos integrales que ayudarán a optimizar proactivamente las reglas para maximizar el rendimiento empresarial del operador.


Digital Services solutions

Mobile Self Care App

OurSelf-Care is a renowned solution for its advanced features and user friendliness. This unique solution has been recognized in global context winning the “Best Mobile Network Solution for Serving Customers” at the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona 2016.

Mobile Self-Care Solution empowers your subscribers to manage their services at the fingertips from anywhere, anytime on any device. This ergonomically designed premium mobile application developed using cutting edge technologies ensuring utmost user friendliness yet rich with an extensive list of advanced features.

Digital Services solutions

Mobile Sales Froce Automation

Mobile operators around the globe are stressing on keeping track of their sales and stocks. Sales networks consist of various agent types and complex sales hierarchies. Thus, having a clear control of salesforce is crucial for a successful sales operation.

“Mobile Sales Force Automation System” effectively digitizes the end to end sales processes bring high efficiency and convenience. With its simplicity and customizable design, it has effectively enabled sales representatives to move from a tedious paper-based process to a productive on-line system.

Our Sales Force Automation System is an award-winning automation solution which caters to 600,000+ users that serves over 65 Million subscribers globally. This state-of-the-art software solution has been recognized at the National Best Quality Awards 2019 and won the Merit Award for its outstanding features and usability.


Digital Services solutions

Mobile Money Platform

Mobile money is a fast, simple, convenient, secure and affordable way of transferring money, making payments and doing other transactions using a mobile phone. The service will be offered in collaboration with mobile service providers and banks or financial institutions.

Our M-Money Solution allows you to roll-out robust and highly secured mobile financial services to your Subscribers and Merchants conveniently.

Mobile money is a fast, simple, convenient, secure and affordable way of transferring money, making payments and doing other transactions using a mobile phone. The service will be offered in collaboration with mobile service providers and banks or financial institutions.

Our M-Money Solution allows you to roll-out robust and highly secured mobile financial services to your Subscribers and Merchants conveniently.


Operational and Business Intelligence

Base your decisions on a comprehensive vision of your business, supported by precise, secure, and reliable information.



The challege

Data Analysis and Visualization

Data analysis and visualization solutions face challenges like large data volumes with low performance, compromised data quality, information silos, and often inaccessible data, along with a growing demand for operational and business decision-making data.

Our Solution

Our platform provides advanced solutions for analyzing and processing large volumes of information, featuring data collection from various systems, data preparation, data processing, data analysis, and information distribution and visualization.

Benefits of our solution


Accessibility optimization of your superApp with Single Sign-on (SSO)

Advanced digital security tecnology

  • FIDO Fast Identity Online
    Enables passwordless user
    authentication, enhanced by
    user device security for safer
  • 2FA (Two Factor Authentication)
    An extra security layer
    provides stronger
  • OTP/TOTP (One time password)
    Protects privacy and user
    information, by a security
    code to be used for a single
    login attempt
  • Oauth2 (Authorization Between Applications)
    Allows applications to
    delegate secure and limited
    access to other systems on
    behalf of the financial

Accessibility optimization of your superApp with Single Sign-on (SSO)

Identification and authentication


It guarantees the security of your users through the use of advanced identification technologies. This provides a high level of security for both applications and user transactions.

Profile settings

The user identification is essential to establish the resources available. Through profiling, access levels


It simplifies registration through a single sign-on (SSO), this means less effort and greater security for users.


Different modular technological resources improves the identification security and users authentication. The combination and coordination of these modules increase and strengthen the security on identity and verification.


User activity is gathered in predefined events, allowing the observation of their actions in identification and authentication reports.

Assisted login

We integrate external authentication systems using FIDO assisted login. In this way, existing integration solutions are adapted to access strategies.

Accessibility optimization of your superApp with Single Sign-on (SSO)

Transaction security

Integration with external applications

The OAuth2 login system allows platforms to be integrated to improve the user experience. For example, validate access with a Facebook or Google account.

Verification flows

It defines different identity verification flows or strategies, which allows it to be adapted to the different security requirements of each product used in financial services.

Two factor authentication

It protects the transactions security through additional verification. This includes confirmation code sent via

Fingerprint biometry

With two-factor authentication you can protect transactions with the added security of biometric fingerprint verification, thus guaranteeing the confidentiality and privacy of your users.

Transaction log

Transaction log We keep a history of the transactions made by the user. This feature is customizable, which allows you to choose what

Transaction reports

Access detailed history on user activity. With this information, decision-making is facilitated

Mobile device information

Receives information from the user's mobile device, including its geolocation.

Accessibility optimization of your superApp with Single Sign-on (SSO)

Technical features

Our platform is designed with the most advanced technologies to meet
current market standards. We offer immediate access to the latest
features of mobile operating systems, such as Android and


Powered by Google Cloud Platform & Amazon Web Services

International Roaming Agreements Implementation

International Roaming Agreements Implementation

GoRoaming  helps with your roaming business by boosting the volume and speed of implementation of new roaming agreements.



Advanced Customer Support Solutions.

Improve operational efficiency and customer experience through SaaS solutions for technical support and customer service.


The Challenge

Mobile operators face challenges in efficiently managing technical support, reducing case management time and escalations, and improving customer satisfaction. The proposed solution addresses these critical aspects through data analysis and automation.

Our Solution

A SaaS solution focused on technical support and customer service, offering an integrated platform to enhance operational efficiency. Utilizing data analysis and automation, it aims to reduce case management and escalation times, thereby improving customer experience. It also empowers employees with advanced tools for quicker and more effective service, leading to increased customer satisfaction.

Benefits of Our Solution


SIM/eSIM Applet-based telecommunications solutions.

These innovative tools significantly enhance service quality, security, customer care, and operational efficiency. They cater to a broad range of needs for Mobile Network Operators, MVNOs, service providers, and their subscribers, showcasing the transformative potential of integrating advanced functionalities directly into SIM/eSIM technology.

Use Case Examples

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