Business Requirements

Architecture Consolidation for High Performance

Meeting the commitment of the Data Intelligence Office to supply information, timely and appropriately, to the various internal and external clients of the organization.


  • Delays and inefficiencies in the collection of large volumes of data
  • Slow data writing to a database preventing completion of the process within the day
  • Slow and inefficient business rule processing
  • High infrastructure maintenance costs


  • Improve the overall process performance
  • Provide greater visibility of the collected data and its quality
  • Consolidate the solution architecture
  • Replace legacy systems, which have high maintenance costs

Our Solution

Architecture and Business Logic Consolidation

Reengineering of the consumption record processing architecture from network elements, in order to deliver information in real-time to Big Data technologies.

Key Features

  • In-memory session handling for real-time business rule application
  • Decoding of ASN.1 files of complex structures
  • Aggregation of long-duration calls into unique records
  • Data tagging or enrichment with external information
  • Distribution to HDFS Cluster through native integration


Unification of an architecture composed of multiple systems into a single layer, optimizing costs and configuration and maintenance times, and providing greater speed and transparency to the information flow.

  • Real-time processing of large volumes of data, with high performance
  • Architecture consolidation
  • Replacement of multiple legacy elements with a single platform
  • Native integration with the HDFS environment
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